Apartment Bordeaux  2

Green Apartment No.  5

Maroon Apartment No.  6


Studio Green 3-bed  1

Studio 2-bed  3

Studio 2-bed  7

Studio Lilac 2-bed  8

All apartments and studios are equipped with:

Wireless Internet Wi-Fi
LCD TV, satellite TV (including programs for children)
The kitchenette includes a refrigerator, microwave, ceramic hob, electric kettle, pots, set of dishes and cutlery kitchen (and kitchen cloths and washing-up liquid)
The bathroom has a shower with a deep wading pool and stationary hairdryer
High chair for a small child (please book on reporting needs)
beach blankets
Safety: The door of the room key card access, the object is monitored


Apartments and Family Studies at VILLA STAR has been designed and decorated with the comfort and convenience of the family of often very young children.

Even when selecting a site for the project were guided by these considerations. The idea came from the fact that we as a family of four have traveled around Poland and world. This is mainly because we have tried to create a place friendly Little explorers and their overwhelmed caregivers excess duties.
This is why, very often, parents choose the Villa Star as an ideal place for the first holiday of your little one.

The Villa Star particularly care about the cleanliness! The linens are anti-allergenic and of the highest quality, and all equipment is new.

His youngest guests and their carers object proposes apartments, which are furnished and equipped so that, if possible, eliminate stress and to stay away from the child’s environment to which accustomed.

While vacationing with children, especially the youngest parents try to give them as possible comfortable and safe conditions. The hotel room is often all I can hope for is the electrical outlet, and the rest are forced to look for in a restaurant or outdoors. This is not comfortable for them.

Therefore VILLA STAR all of its apartments and studios equipped with kitchenettes that allow you to prepare for the child’s “home-cooked meal,” and if necessary to avoid stressful go out for dinner.
The hotel also has cots and high chairs for small children on request are placed in the rooms.
The bathrooms also have child-friendly features such as help in the bath deep shower trays, or stationary hair dryer.
Here every guest will feel at home.


It was autumn and winter in the air is the largest dose of iodine. If you wish to enhance the resilience of your child or cure them of chronic diseases (upper respiratory tract infections, strep throat, inflammation of the tonsils, allergies and many others), and release themselves from stress, you’re welcome !!!

We have prepared during this period PROMOTION – 20%, which will make you stay in comfortable Villa Star will not charge much of the portfolio, and bring the child and the parents priceless benefits. (The promotion is valid in the low season, with a minimum stay of 5 days.)

VILLA STAR in view of their youngest guests all the studios and apartments equipped in:

kitchenettes (including refrigerator, microwave, ceramic hob, electric kettle, pots, set of dishes and kitchen utensils)
LCD TV, satellite TV (including programs for children)
deep shower trays allow comfortable bathing baby
Stationary hair dryers
wide and high windbreaks

Cot (please inform us needs when booking)
high chair for a small child (please inform us needs when booking)