Seaside resort on the island of Wolin.

Międzyzdroje is a beautiful, wide beaches on the coast cliff, wildlife, reaching 300 meters into the sea a modern pier, golf course, wax museum, seaside promenade of the Stars of the sidewalk where every year imprints of his hands leave Polish actors and filmmakers, numerous cultural events and entertainment, festivals, concerts and performances by the greatest artists of the scene.

Traditionally, each year in July, takes place in Międzyzdroje prestigious event called “Festival of Stars” which is usually attended by over a hundred Polish artists. The investment in the movie capital of the Polish take place, exhibitions, concerts, performances and unique in its kind films on the beach. the organizers then set the sand a huge cinema screen and in the moonlight present, gathered on the beach audience pearls of world cinema … in the background you can hear the sound of waves. these projections have their own unique character and unique atmosphere. It is certainly worth participate in them.

Not only rich cultural life and entertainment Międzyzdroje is a tourist attraction, is also a unique therapeutic microclimate of the resort and the beautiful landscape make it Międzyzdroje not only in summer are full of Polish and foreign tourists.